BRUTALE 1090 R / EXHAUST SYSTEM / Complete titanium LP "Sport" exhaust ABS + ECU

BRUTALE 1090 R  - Complete titanium LP "Sport" exhaust ABS + ECU

code nr: RDMT020078

Complete titanium LP "Sport" exhaust ABS + ECU

Complete titanium LP "Sport" exhaust ABS + ECU


Full Titanium exhaust system designed to increase and optimise the bike's performance thanks to more horse power and better power delivery. This kit includes one ECU with map created just for this single application. The quality of the welds and the materials are close to perfection and make an exclusive product. The catalyzer can be removed reducing weight and heat. The kit use a single pipe (not homologated), with a very aggressive design, that reduces drastically the weight. These products are dedicated to race use only or for closed areas. Usable only per abs models.

Technical Specification

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